Shoe Save # 90/90: Shoeperwoman’s Last Stand

Shoeperwoman in Carvela 'Grass' platforms

SHOES: CARVELA ‘Grass’ wedges, c/o Sarenza (click here to buy them)
SAVED: Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
WITH: River Island bow neck midi-dress (one size left)

I know I keep on (and on, and on…) saying this, but I really can’t believe I’m sitting here writing my last ever Shoe Challenge post! In some ways the year has dragged, but in other ways it’s flown by – last night Shoeperman and I went to the same restaurant we ate at on Valentine’s Day last year, on the first day of the Challenge, and it really didn’t feel like a whole year had passed: time flies when you’re saving shoes!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a Shoe Challenge wrap-up to post later in the week, but for now, here’s my final pair of saved shoes:

Carvela red suede 'Grass' platform wedges

These are Carvela’s ‘Grass’ pumps, which, as those of you who follow me on Facebook can no doubt testify, I’d been drooling over for months. They’d sold out pretty quickly at Kurt Geiger, so I’d resigned myself to a lifetime of eBay searching when, back in December, they popped up on the Sarenza website in the same week that my December giftcode (as part of the Brand Ambassador Programme) dropped into my inbox. And even although I’d done really well up to that point not to buy any more peep toes, which I knew I’d  struggle to save before the Valentine’s Day deadline, I figured it was fate – and that I could always just wear them with tights if I had to.

Shoeperwoman in River Island black bow neck dress

(Please excuse my odd facial expression here: I really wanted to show you the neckline of the dress, and I couldn’t seem to do it without staring off into space!)

As it happened, I didn’t have to resort to tights after all: not only was yesterday unseasonably warm for February (and today it’s been almost Spring-like: yay!), the restaurant we were going to has parking right in front of it, which meant my bare legs were only exposed to the elements for the few seconds it took me to run in from the car, so no tights required, thank goodness! The shoes are actually surprisingly comfortable for such a high heel: you’re aware that you’re much taller than usual, but the platform means that the foot isn’t at any more of an angle than it would be in any other heels, making them relatively easy to walk in.

Enough about the shoes, though: here’s the most important of last night’s accessories:

Shoeper Champers, to celebrate the end of the Challenge! It’s all over, folks: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

I owe another big thank-you, not just to those of you who joined me in the Challenge, but to everyone who’s stuck with me through endless pairs of nude peep toes, red heels, and all those green dresses – your comments and encouragement have meant the world to me, and have really helped motivate me to continue with this challenge over the past two years: you’re all true Shoeperheroes!



  • I have been so curious as to which was the last pair (and had been hitting F5 on this page all day:)) and I must say, those are some spectacular shoes!

    congratulations on ending your shoe challenge! Btw, what’s next? 🙂

  • Congratulations, Shoeperwoman! The shoes are fabulous, and you look really beautiful. Shoeperman must have been the proudest man in the restaurant to have you on his arm x

  • Gosh, those are high! Hopefully you weren’t taller than Terry. I do own a pair of ankle-breaking high-heels (no platform!) which make me taller than my friend. I can tell, that is a curious feeling.

    But congratulations to you, you really look happy at the pics. That challenge was something and I’m so curious about the next one^^

  • Gorgeous red wedges= perfect finale shoes! I usually don’t like wedges but those are awesome! Congrats on completing the shoe challenge! <3

  • It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of it!
    Thank you again for inviting us in the first place! *hugs*

    And yes, that’s a spectacular pair of shoes!

  • No way! I’ve just ordered myself some shoes that look identical to those from a brand called Simmi…I imagine that as mine were only £20 via eBay, methinks yours are probably better made!
    It’s nice to see the style on a foot tho…..they look fab. Bit worried on the height tho….I’m 5’8 already…ha!

    Congrats to everyone finishing the callenge.

  • You look gorgeous as always in these photos! Loved the shoes, and your beautiful red hair!
    Can’t believe that the Challenge is over. I’m used to seeing all your photos and drooling over your shoes. I hope you won’t stop taking outfit photos, or at least shoe photos. I really admire your style, and I love these kinds of posts.
    Congrats for finishing the Challenge and saving all your shoes!

    • I agree, I found one of the things I most loved about the shoeperwoman site was your outfit/shoe posts. It was great to see the beautiful shoes worn in real life and how you chose to style them. I do hope you’ll continue!

  • Well done Amber and what a fab pair of shoes to finish on!

    It’s been a tough year for you kiddo but you’ve come through smiling.

    Looking forward to this year’s challenge…

  • Congratulations Amber! I remember first sending you a link to those shoes – they look fantastic! Can’t believe how fast the year has gone! Unfortunately early on in the challenge I injured my foot so could only wear trainer like shoes for months so didn’t go ahead with the challenge! Still very much enjoyed seeing everyone else do theirs though – congratulations to all you folks too! 🙂

  • OK, so now I’m posting in proper hours and not so asleep….I have no idea how I forgot you posted about these shoes back in Dec, so I’m equally baffled at my squeal of OMGoodness! LOL! They must’ve stayed in my head subliminal like…hence why when I saw some and ordered, that I thought I wasn’t being a big ol’ copy cat!!
    Weird. I hope I’m not developing alzheimers. LOL!

  • I’ve LOVED this challenge! Thanks so much for organising it Amber as I know there was a fair bit of admin involved! I’m writing up my ‘wrap up’ blog tonight so will post a link over on the round up as soon as it goes live.

    Oh and it should go without saying but those shoes are gorgeous!

  • Hooray! Congrats to you!! Honestly, though, if anyone could do it, it’d be you!!

    If anyone still has a hankering for some sexy red wedges in the States, grab some at DSW

  • Here’s the million dollar question – how many shoes did you NOT save? Where have they gone to? I am particularly interested in the fate of what looked like (on your shelves) barely-there strappy stilettos in green, maybe with gold accents? Very delicate looking. Maybe they were from the previous year’s challenge. Or did you really save every pair you own? What’s the total on this year’s acquisitions?

    • Oh wow, that’s an old post! I honestly don’t remember what I did with those – they probably went to the charity shop, but I’d had them for a long time, so they might have been thrown out if I thought they weren’t in good enough condition for someone to wear…

      • They seem much more… strappy? delicate? than the rest of your collection? And incidentally like about half of mine (the half that will go into hibernation during my Russia adventure).

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