Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 7: Going Green

WHAT: Carvela ‘Astroid’ platforms
WHEN: Saturday, March 12th
WHERE: Friend’s 30th birthday party
WITH: Green dress (eBay), clutch bag (TK Maxx)

Apologies for the quality of these photos, folks: indoors-at-nighttime is never the best combination for me, but, well, it was an evening outfit and I’m far too lazy to get dressed any earlier than I absolutely have to, in order to take advantage of the daylight!

These are from Saturday night, when we went to a friend’s birthday party: unfortunately a huge quantity of snow was dumped upon us all the night before, though, and as I just don’t own any shoes that are suitable for snow AND parties, I was forced to wear my trusty old boots there, and get changed into these when I arrived: not exactly something I generally expect to have to do in March, but oh well, at least I didn’t ruin my shoes.

Considering the epic eBay battle I so bravely fought (a.k.a. “That Time I Totally Lost My Mind on eBay“) in order to “win” these shoes, I figured they should be one of the first pairs I saved in this challenge: I mean, can you even imagine how stupid I’d feel if I’d done all that obsessing over them, only to lose them? So I figured “Snow be dammed!” and ventured forth in suede shoes.

I actually ended up buying a set of gel insoles for these shoes to make them fit a little better. I’d noticed they had a bit of a tendency to slip at the heel, and after a couple of glasses of wine I always think I can dance like Beyonce, so I had to take steps to make sure I didn’t dance right out of them, or break my leg or something. (I didn’t. Although if I had, I guess that would’ve made a slightly more interesting post…)

The dress, meanwhile, was also an eBay purchase, so I’m totally eBay’d up here. It’s a few years old now, and is a copy of one of Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dresses, which I was absolutely obsessed with at the time. Naturally, I didn’t rest until I’d tracked down a green version…

Because I always seem to end up getting ready at the last possible minute, and taking my photos while Terry sits outside in the car, revving the engine, I totally neglected to get any close-ups of these shoes, but I did just buy them last month, so I’m sure most of you remember what they look like: if not, and you have a burning desire to see more photos, you can click here to see the original post, complete with Terry’s video!


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