Aperlai glitter wing sandals

Aperlai glitter wing sandals

Aperlai glitter wing sandals, $860

Bringing new meaning to the phrase “wings on your feet”, these silver glitter Aperlai sandals are truly shoes fit for a shoeperhero, don’t you think? They manage to look delicate and dramatic at the same time, and although glitter shoes are ten-a-penny (Er, not literally, obviously…) these days, these ones still manage to stand out. That’s no easy task, and they manage it thanks to that unusual “winged” design on the heel, and the mesh section on the toe: they’ll have a “barely there” look when worn, but they’re no less stunning for that.

These would make a gorgeous, glamorous evening shoe, although at $860, you might need to dream up a truly special occasion to justify them!

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