Shoe Save # 38/75: Carvela ‘Go’ Sandals

WHAT: Carvela ‘Go’ sandals, c/o Sarenza
WHEN: Sunday, August 7th, 2011
WHERE: Night out in Edinburgh
WITH:  Green dress (Dorothy Perkins), gold belt (my mum’s)

These are Carevela’s ‘Go’ sandals, which I got as part of the Sarenza brand ambassador programme, and they’re exactly the same shade of green as the dress, even although you wouldn’t necessarily think it from these photos. They weren’t exactly the easiest shoes to traverse Edinburgh’s cobbled streets on, of course, but once I got onto a more even surface, they were actually pretty comfortable: a combination of the high platform making the heel feel lower, and the open toes, which mean no pinching!

The dress actually came with a horrible plastic belt (aside: I really wish certain retails would stop including cheap belts with dresses, and just make the price of the dress a bit lower instead…) which I discarded instantly, and replaced with this gold one, which I stole acquired from my mum. It doesn’t really work, because the belt loops are too big for it: I’ll probably remove them before I wear it again, but that thought only occurred to me when I was getting dressed, and I didn’t have time: d’oh!


  • I love the matchy-matchy! I’ve been drooling over that dress on the Dorothy Perkins website – I think I’ll get it in mustard yellow, such a pretty colour 😉

  • Green is beautiul, and you look gorgeous with the “matchy-matchy” style! The dress paired with you mum’s belt looks very beautiful! Abd the sandals, fantastic! I love the color and the metallic heel! And I’m glad you saved these gorgeous sandals now, because today… was the first time I wore long sleeves here… and it will be this way for a looong time…

  • I see nothing wrong with matchy-matchy! You look great. And I think you might be nearly half way with your shoes saves – YAY! I will go vote for you now.

  • Love the dress. Love the way the shoes match the dress. Impressed as heck that you can walk in the shoes. Just voted in the River Island competition and you have 102 likes and are way out in front. ;o)

  • I love your dress and your shoes! I liked how you paired the dress with a gold belt, and that it matches the shoes!
    Also voted you on Style insider! 189 votes now! 🙂

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