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four pairs of shoes

Because I exchanged my last pair of Lady Dragons for another size, I find I have a Sarenza voucher code which must be used by the end of this month: I know, such a hardship, eh?

I’ve decided that this pair  of shoes will also be exempted from the Shoe Challenge due to how close to the end they’ll be arriving, so this makes my choice both easier (yay, peep toes!) and harder (ooh, choices!). This is where you come in, and get to choose my shoes. Well, sort of: I’m not promising I’ll go with the most popular choice, but it will definitely have a big impact on my final decision!

Here are the contenders:

1. Vivienne Westwood/Lady Dragon Wing Shoes

Yes, I know, I know. No, seriously, I KNOW. But I love them. And I don’t actually own a pair in this style, so really, they’re completely different from the others! (This isn’t working, is it?)

Lady Dragon Wing shoes

2. Carvela Grass in  Gold Glitter

Carvela grass gold glitter

I already have these shoes in red suede and absolutely love them. The gold glitter version would definitely not get as much use, but they look every bit as spectacular, and it’s always handy to have some “special” shoes, just in case the occasion arises!

3. Carvela Gypsy in yellow

yellow suede shoes

I wasn’t sure about these shoes when I first saw them, but as we inch closer to Spring, they’ve started to really, really appeal to me. I’m mostly imaging wearing them with blue jeans, but they’d look fantastic with some of my sundresses, too –  and possibly even a touch of colourblocking?

 4. Pour la Victoire ‘Irina’ in red

Pur la Victoire Irina

I’ve always liked the shape of Pour la Victoire’s ‘Irina’ pumps, but have discounted them because of the price. This gorgeous red version has just gone on sale, however, which brings them within budget.

So, that’s the shortlist: which would you go for?


  • I’m a big fan of the yellow Carvelas (big BIG fan!), but I can see how you’d get more wear out of the red Irinas, and they’re equally gorgeous!

  • I LOVE the Carvela Gypsy but they’re probably not the most practical for Scotland….they’d look amazing with your blue shirt though!

  • The yellow Carvela’s! They’re v different to anything that you already own, which is a plus, and they’re unusual. Louboutin-esque shape too 🙂

  • I must admit, I’m not a yellow fan but am leaning more towards the yellow floral heels. They are cute, and would look awesome with any outfit. Gosh even a austere black suit and these yellow heels would look amazing!

    Talitha xx

    • Yup, I have a yellow pair from Kurt Geiger, although they’re more of a mustard shade… I do have a whole shelf full of reds, though, which is why I thought twice about the Irinas: although, that said, all of my red shoes are either peep toes, or a not-particularly-practical upper, so red patent could also come in useful!

  • Well obviously my personal inclination is towards the Lady Dragons BUT, I think the yellow Carvela Gypsy shoes. I have a few yellow accessories and it’s a really good colour for matching with almost anything – these shoes would look fab with almost any of your green dresses, your lovely navy Pinup Couture dress and that beautiful yellow and white sundress…. I’d say go for yellow 🙂

  • I would go for the Irina’s, they’re gorgeous! And they’d get more wear than the peep-toes 🙂

    I was wondering why you have never done a giveaway with all those free shoes you’re getting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ very happy for you that you get free shoes from time to time and I love reading your blog, don’t take this the offensive way! I was just curious to hear you opinion because lots of famous bloggers get free items and they regurarly host giveaways for their readers.

  • Carvela Grass. I’m a sucker for glitter and I would never in a million years be able to pull these off. But I know you can, so I’d go with these. 🙂

  • I’d say the yellow Carvela Gypsy shoes. They’re so pretty and feminine and I think they’d look lovely with coloured dresses/skirts. I’m making myself want a pair now!

  • I instantly went towards Pour la Victoire but I also love the Carvela Grass, but they really wouldn’t be something you could wear everyday. That said, these are basically free shoes, so Carvela Grass.

  • Hi Amber! without any doubt: go for the Carvela Gipsy in yellow, they are sooo beautiful! moreover they will not be one ‘another version’ of something you already have 🙂
    Anyway, I love your blog(s)!
    Greetings from Italy!

  • Hi Amber definitely Carvela Gypsy in yellow .. I LOOOOOVE Yellow in General. this shoe is just beyond gorgeous.

    Ps. This is my Cristiani shoe bought almost 4 years ago. Its an Italian brand which i think the company does not exist anymore. soo sad because i absolutely loved their design.
    Its not totally yellow but it has some yellow in it.
    thought to share.. hope you like it.


      • Thank you Amber.. even though i am not usually gravitated toward these kind of heels and shoe shape in general.. but i couldn’t resist this one. it was soo cute to pass.
        to be honest all my shoe collection are wedges or pumps, so i’ve thought a different style its not bad!! 😉

  • Either the yellow, or the red would be fabulous. As you may have guessed, I have a “thing” for Pour La Victoire, so I might lean in that direction. 😉

  • The glittery ones, really not a fan of the yellow ones at all. The detail looks like something you’d find on a child’s shoe… It’d be cool to go for something different to what you own though… (so that definitely marks the lady dragons out)

  • I was going to say Pour la Victoire ‘Irina’, but I think you already have many pairs of red shoes. And I honestly prefer this one in grey.
    So, I’m going to say Carvela’s Gypsy in yellow, cause I would love to see how you’re going to style them (color blocking yayy!!)…Plus they remind me of a D&G pair I saw 2(?) years ago.

  • My preferences in order:

    1. Yellow Carvelas – first choice by far! Totally different to anything you already have, summery, happy and will go with lots of your wardrobe!

    2. Red Irinas – Second choice due to the fact you would wear them loads! However you already have a lot of red shoes!

    3. Gold Grass – Stunning shoes but ones I would rather look at that actually try and walk in!! Plus I think you would struggle to get wear out of them.

    4. Lady Dragons – These are in last place as I think you already have the best of the bunch in this range. The Lady Dragons you already own are stunning, feminine and have such cute details on the toe but these ones are a bland grey colour with a blood red animal part on the toe – really not keen on them!! The colour combination and the fact they are plastic remind me of a wee boys’ toy!

    • I’ve just noticed on the Sarenza website that the yellow Carvelas are styled with green skinny jeans – your favourite colour! It could actually be you modelling them! Hehe.

  • Well, I’ve done a quick count, and it looks like Carvela Gypsy wins by a landslide, so unless there’s a dramatic turnaround by the time I’m getting ready for bed, I’ll place my order then! Exciting!

    Thanks for your input, everyone 🙂

  • I would’ve voted for the yellow too…but I was a bit tardy to your vote! LOL! They’re fab…I would put them on my wish list but they’re out of my price range!! Boooo!

  • Lady Dragon or Irina.. mainly because you’d probably wear them more than the other two pair. And if you’re going to have another Shoe Challenge (or something inspired by) they’d be easier to save 🙂

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