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My Shoe Challenge may be over, but I’m continuing to “save” my shoes by wearing them: join in by using the hashtag #ShoeperShoes on Instagram!

tan knee high boots

Wednesday: NEXT boots, H&M trousers, Zara jacket and sweater

black patent pumps

Saturday: Buffalo pumps*, ASOS trousers, Boden coat, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag

Just two shoe ‘saves’ for me this week – and, embarrassingly enough, one of them is actually one from last week, which I totally forgot to post!

In my defense, as well as the ongoing work on my house, I’ve also had a cold for most of the week, so I’ve been stuck at home even more than I usually am: and when I HAVE been going out, I’ve mostly been wearing those red Zara flats, which I figured you’ve all seem more than enough of by now, so there’s no need for me to continue documenting them!

Without the inclusion of the flats, I think this is the first ‘In My Shoes’ roundup in a while that HASN’T included at least one pair of red shoes! Instead, I broke out my tan knee boots (They’re by NEXT, but I found mine on eBay, when they sold out in-store…) for the first – but I know it won’t be the last –  time this autumn. These are always guaranteed plenty of wear every year, and while I’m still in search of a dressier version in the same colour, they’re perfect for casual days.

At the weekend, meanwhile, I went a little dressier with these black patent Buffalo pumps. They’re not the most exciting shoes in the world, but they are very useful, so they also get a lot of wear. Although they have a high heel and pointed toe, they’re actually pretty comfortable, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing these again soon – assuming the weather stays warm enough to allow me to keep on wearing them, that is!

Have a shoeper weekend, everyone!

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