Shoe Review: Office ‘Hey Girl’ pink bow pumps

Office 'Hey Girl' pink bow pumps

Office ‘Hey Girl’ pink bow pumps

You all knew there was absolutely no possibility that I WOULDN’T end up buying these, didn’t you?

Well, you guessed right: in fact, they actually arrived the same day my initial post about them was published, which I guess tells you a little bit about my complete lack of willpower, huh? Oh well: I can’t claim to have any regrets at all about this because, well, just look at them. When they arrived, I immediately put them on and started prancing around the house in them, at which point even ShoeperMan was forced to admit that, yes, they really were worth every penny. (I mean that literally, by the way: ShoeperMan has absolutely zero interest in shoes, so he DID have to be pretty much forced to admire them…)

So, the first thing to note here is that these have slightly more of a lilac tinge to them than was apparent on the Office website. I’d still describe them as pink, but they’re not quite the baby pink I was expecting, although admittedly not quite as lilac as this photo makes them look, either: sorry, no idea what happened there! They are a beautiful colour, though, and an even more beautiful shape: put the two together, and you end up with a really stunning shoe. I was wearing an old pair of jeans when they arrived, and they even managed to make those look like an outfit I might conceivably have put some thought into – that’s the power of a great pair of shoes for you, huh?

As far as sizing goes, I went for my usual size, and although they felt just a little bit snug when I pulled them out of the box, I’m assuming that was just because they’d spent the day in the back of a freezing delivery truck, because as soon as I’d put them on and walked around in them for a few minutes, they felt absolutely fine. I always find Office’s shoes to run true to size, and these ones are no exception: mind you, given the amount of shopping I’ve been doing lately from this particular brand, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to put that theory to the test with another pair soon!

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