Beautiful Blue Bow Shoes by Little Mistress

blue shoes with bow at ankle

Little Mistress is a brand I’ve been increasingly impressed with – both for their dresses and their shoes. Not only are their prices pretty reasonable (these shoes, for instance, are £58), they’re also a little more interesting than many of the other shoes we’re seeing on the high street at the moment.

Navy shoes can be a little trickier to find than black one, which is a shame, because navy is an awesome neutral, and I personally find it less harsh than black can be against my pale skin, so I have quite a few navy dresses, and other items, which I struggle to find shoes to wear with. These ones, however, would be a great option for dress occasions: I love the satin upper, but I love that over-sized ankle bow even more, and think these would make a really useful addition to my shoedrobe.

I also really like these ones:

navy and black satin high heel shoes

Having avoided the combination of navy and black for years now, I’ve started to come round to it, and I think it works particularly well on these heels, which have a navy satin upper, combined  with a black t-bar, lined with little bows. It’s a very sophisticated look, which would allow these to be work with either navy or black , without either colour looking out of place, or clashing with the shoes.

If you’re looking for something a little more daytime appropriate, however, these floral print pumps are very spring-like, and a breath of fresh air:

blue floral print pumps

This print is just so fresh and pretty: these would be gorgeous with a white dress or skirt, say, but they’d also work well with a causal classic like a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt – and easy way to let the shoes be the focal point of the outfit, just as they deserve.

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  • The floral print pumps reminded me of a set of porcelain dinnerware with the same treatment. However, the beautiful styling of the pump may be excellent table presentations, they’d make much better footwear embellishments to accent a jeans and shirt outfit.

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