Shoes Fit for Cinderella

Jimmy Choo Cinderella pumps

It’s pretty shocking to think these shoes have been in the world for a while now, and I’m only just getting round to showing you them, isn’t it?

I do have an excuse, though. You see, today is my birthday, and I don’t really like birthdays much. (Yes, I know, I’m weird like that.) I do, however, like shoes, and I thought these would be a rather nice little birthday present to myself, albeit an imaginary one. (If they were a REAL present, I’d probably like birthdays a whole lot more, let’s put it that way…)

They’re Jimmy Choo’s ‘Cinderella’ pumps, and they may not have that “glass slipper” look we’re used to associating with good ol’ Cinders, but they ARE shoes fit for a princess, and I’m pretty sure she’d have approved of them – and maybe taken a little more care not to lose one, come to think of it. At this price, you definitely wouldn’t want to take your eyes off these for a second, let alone leave them behind: they cost £2,995, which means I’d probably want to have an armed guard following me around all night anytime I dared to wear them. Failing that, though, I guess you could always go for something a little less expensive:

Jimmy Choo Anouk

I’m sure anyone who knows their shoes will have recognised these as Jimmy Choo’s ‘Anouk’: they’re one of the brand’s best-known styles, and are frequently spotted on celebrities as they walk the red carpet – and no wonder. When I said they were “a little less expensive”, the emphasis was on the word “little” – at £425, these are hardly what you’d call the budget option, even although they might seem like it compared to the ‘Cinderella’ shoes above them. Hmmm, I wonder if Shoeperman would buy that justification, actually? “But look how much cheaper they were than the OTHER shoes I liked!”

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