Kallisté ‘Burro’ black and white peep toes


Definitely one of the more unusual designs I’ve seen this week (so far!), I’m really curious to hear what you all think of these black and white peep toe court shoes by Kallisté 

These combine a striking, black and white upper with a folded-over “collar” detail, which is what helps create that amazing shape, aided and abetted by the curvy stiletto heel:

black and white shoes

I should probably be a lot more worried than I actually am about the fact that white stilettos (previously always associated in my mind with the “Essex girl” look of the 80s) have started to really appeal to me lately, but I love these. I’d like them even more if there was just a little less leather on the upper – that slightly “wrinkled” look on the vamp is the one thing I could probably live without on these, but I love everything else, and think these shoes have a real “shoeperhero” feel to them: probably because they come complete with their own “cape”!

These are £248 at Spartoo: click here to buy them.


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