J Crew ‘Mona’ anchor printed pumps

anchor printed pumps by J Crew

I’m a little bit obsessed with J Crew right now (in fact, I may or may not have taken advantage of their free UK delivery offer last month to place a sneaky little order): their preppy, clean-cut aesthetic just really appeals to me at the moment, and these anchor-printed ‘Mona’ pumps tap right into my love of all things nautical.

What I love most about these is that, despite the whimsical print, they still manage to remain quite understated: I’m often often in danger of looking like I’m in fancy dress as a sailor (especially at this time of year, when so many retailers decide to get their “nautical” on…), but these could easily be worn with a shift dress or pencil skirt and look sophisticated rather than costumey. They’d also look fantastic with jeans, shorts or tailored trousers, for an elegant, summer look.

While the anchor print version is definitely my favourite, though, the ‘Mona’ pumps are worth checking out in some of the other available colours, too. For instance, this:

J Crew Mona

… is a more or less perfect “nude” pump, no?

J Crew ‘Mona’ printed pumps, £202.14: click here to buy them.


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