Nine West ‘Sheelagh’ teal ankle boots

Nine West 'Sheelagh' teal ankle boots

Nine West Sheelagh teal ankle boots, £129

For years now, I’ve been complaining every autumn / winter about how most boots are either black or brown (with the occasional tan pair thrown in for good measure…), and how there just ins’t enough colour variety to keep me interested. Actually, though, recently I’ve come to realise that most boots are brown or black for a reason: while shoes are often viewed as a fun, frivolous kind of purchase, boots are more likely to be viewed as an investment (understandably so, given the price of them), and when you’re going to be investing in a pair of boots, you want to make sure they’ll go with everything, don’t you? Brightly coloured boots, though… they don’t go with everything. And they can be a little bit tricky to style, too, as I’ve discovered on the occasions when I’ve decided to buy a pair: I always seem to default to the more “neutral” colours instead, thus disproving my own theory that if boots came in brighter colours, I’d like them more.

(I stand by my assessment that boots are pretty boring, however. There’s only so much you can do with them, which is why I never understand my fellow blogger’s excitement at getting to wear them again every autumn. But I digress…)

These teal ankle boots by Nine West aren’t black or brown, but they’re not a super-bright colour either. It’s true that teal ankle boots won’t go with absolutely everything you own (You could say the same about both black and brown, though), but at £129, they’re not so expensive that you couldn’t buy them just to wear with the outfits that will work with them. It’s good to have options after all, and not every shoe can be one that goes with ABSOLUTELY everything, can it? Oh, and they DO also come in black and brown, if you’re not convinced…

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