Valentino Garavani Rockstud boots

Valentino Rockstud boots

Valentino Rockstud boots, £1,385

I’m always complaining that boots – and winter fashion in general – are super-boring, so here’s a pair to prove me wrong.

These are Valentino’s ‘Rockstud’ boots, and like the shoes of the same name, they feature a health dollop of studs. Or perhaps that should read “a NOT-so-healthy” dollop of studs: I’m pretty sure some of you will hate these, and be wondering where on earth you’d wear a pair of pale-coloured boots (which look pretty, but won’t be nearly as easy to keep pristine as a black pair) which are covered in gold studs. To that, my answer is, “Where WOULDN’T you wear them?” I think these are all kinds of fabulous, and ALMOST enough to re-ignite my failing interest in winter footwear. I mean, it would be worth an extra couple of weeks of cold just to get the chance to wear these, wouldn’t it? What do you mean, “No”?

So, how WOULD you wear these? Well, although boots covered in THAT many gold studs sound like something of a challenge, I think the very neutral colours will actually make these fairly easy to wear. They would look fantastic over skinny jeans and leggings, for instance, but while the legs are perhaps a little too wide to work with tailored skirts and dresses, I think they could also work with something like this:

What to wear with Valentino Rockstud boots

I really love taupe and black together, so I’ve stuck with that colour scheme, but as I said above, these are neutral enough to work with almost any colour you want to wear them with. I speak from personal experience on this, too: I don’t own these boots, sadly, but I do have a pair in a similar colour, and frequently find myself wondering how on earth I ever managed to live without them: I’m sure I’d feel the same about these, were they to magically appear in my closet!

What to wear with Valentino Rockstud boots:

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