Aquazzura ‘Tie Me Up’ satin sandals in electric blue

blue satin sandals

Aquazzura Tie Me Up sandals, £370

I don’t know what it is about ribbons, but attach one to a shoe, and you can pretty much guarantee I’ll like it: especially if the ribbon is being used instead of a more traditional strap.

Take these Aquazzura sandals, for instance. If the ankle strap was leather, I might still have liked them (It would take a lot to dissuade me from liking shoes in this colour), but I probably wouldn’t have LOVED them. Turn it into a ribbon, however, and make it long enough to tie in an over-sized bow, and you might just have yourself a deal. Well, assuming that you’re willing to knock a digit off the price, that is. I’m even willing to overlook the gold pin heel, which isn’t generally my favourite thing on a shoe. In this case, however, I think the contrast is needed: had the heel been a regular stiletto, in the same shade as the upper, it would’ve been just too much blue. Gold and cobalt, however, is a combination that always works really well, and adds a little something extra to the look, too.

What to wear with these shoes?

Despite worrying about “too much blue” above, I went ahead and added even more for this outfit:

what to wear with blue shoes

What to wear with cobalt shoes


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