Sophia Webster star-embellished black pumps

Sophia Webster black pumps with star Sophia Webster black and white shoes black shoes with white toe and silver star

Sophia Webster pumps, £381

These shoes are a little “tamer” than we’ve come to expect from Sophia Webster: in fact, if it wasn’t for the embellishment on the toe, they’re be a pretty classic – maybe even boring – pair of black pumps.

Sophia Webster doesn’t do “boring”, though, and she doesn’t do anything that could be described as “ordinary” either, so whereas many brands would simply glue a silver star to the toe of this shoe, she’s taken the much ore elaborate route of encasing a silver disc in white leather, and cutting the star motif out of that. It’s an interesting effect, which makes the vamp look almost like a loafer from a distance, until you take a closer look  and see the “star”.

Do you want to be seeing these particular stars in real life? On your feet, perhaps? They’re £381, and you can find them at Colette. While I’m on the subject of Sophia Webster shoes, though, how about these, from the same site:

sophia webster black pumps sophia webster

Another black pump (this time with a peep toe, rather than a closed toe), and another unusual embellishment on the toe. This time I’m not even going to hazard a guess as to what it’s supposed to BE exactly: to be honest, I don’t think it’s supposed to be ANYTHING in particular – it’s just an interesting decorative touch. Well, it’s definitely interesting, and the rest of the shoe isn’t too bad either. I know most of you will dislike the pin heel, which has a bit of an unfinished quality to it, but I think the sexy, curvy shape makes up for it, and I actually prefer these to the first pair, although they’re obviously a very different style.

These shoes are £257, and you can also find them at Colette.


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