Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Gruotta glitter pumps

Christian Louboutin silver glitter kitten heeled shoes with bow silver pointed toe with black bow

Christian Louboutin Gruotta, £625

I know a lot of people think Christian Louboutin only makes the very highest of high heels, but that’s not actually the case, so today I thought I’d showcase one of the designer’s lower-heeled offerings for our regular Friday Fix.

These are called ‘Gruotta’, and yes, that’s a kitten heel you can see there. Kitten heels get a bit of a bad rap in the footwear world: I know some of you absolutely detest them, but while they’re certainly not my favourite type of heel (I like to go either very high, or totally flat, with not much in between), I think that, done right, they can have a certain kind of classic charm. Imagine an Audrey Hepburn type, for instance, wearing them with black cigarette trousers: it’s a look that can definitely work, and which could be a really good option for someone who can’t (or doesn’t want to) wear heels, but doesn’t like flats either.

As for these shoes, well, even if I did share the kitten-heel hate, I don’t think I could possibly hate these shoes, because they’re absolutely stunning, and all the proof you need that a low heel can be just as glamorous as a high one. These have the very low vamp which Louboutin has been using a lot this season, a silver glitter upper, and beautiful silk bow to tie it all together, like a fabulously wrapped gift.

Sadly, however, the lower heels doesn’t mean you get a lower price: these are £635 and you can find them at the Louboutin official website.

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