Shoe of the Day | Fendi two-tone cutout peep-toes

Fendi two-tone cutout peep-toes

Fendi two-tone cutout peep-toes

Fendi two-tone cutout peep-toes, £830

If you thought I was exaggerating with all of my recent talk of monochrome trends and 60s-inspired styles, well, here’s the shoe that proves my point! These are by Fendi, and use a bold, graphic print to create a very ‘swinging 60s’ effect on an otherwise understated peep toe pump.

It’s not just the print which takes these from ‘understated’ to almost-overstated, however: there’s also that blocky heel (another big shoe trend right now, and one that I know will come as a huge relief to those of you who’re sick of stilettos: this type of heel isn’t just a change in style, it should also be easier to walk on, too, as the width of the heel will give the foot more stability than it gets from a spindly stiletto), plus the cut-outs on the toe. The circle print creates a pop art feel, which should be a lot of fun to style, and which will work effortlessly with the monochrome/60s style clothing that’s filling the “new in” sections of so many retailers right now.

If you don’t want to look like you stepped right out out of the 60s, however, the black and white upper on these shoes should prove very versatile, and will work with tons of other colours – like this bright, cobalt blue, for instance:


outfit featuring blue pencil skirt and two -tone peep toes

skirt / body / sunglasses / cuff 

This outfit gives just a nod towards “retro” with the shoes, sunglasses, and the very clean lines created by the skirt and bodysuit. This is the second bodysuit I’ve featured here recently (Here’s the first one, if you’re interested…): I’m not sure if they, too, are making a comeback, but I do know I liked this boatnecked version from H&M enough to order one – here’s hoping it turns out to be a bit more comfortable than I remember these things being from the last time they were in fashion!

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