Would you buy Christian Louboutin slippers?

Christian Louboutin slippers

Christian Louboutin Air Loubi flats, £225

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Christian Louboutin, and rarely find a pair of his shoes I don’t like.

These little flats are no exception: they’re cute, they look comfortable, and they come in a range of uppers. OK, the one covered in hands is maybe a little bit unusual, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and I think they’re pretty sweet.

They’re also slippers. Well, OK, let’s be fair: they are, according to the Christian Louboutin website, a cross between a ballerina flat and a slipper. Designed to be worn exclusively indoors (those soft satin soles won’t last long on a city street…). they suggest tucking them in your hand luggage to change into on the plane, or wearing them around the house. I’ve no doubt that they would, indeed, be perfect for those situations, but… well, they’re £225. Which is quite a lot of money for a pair of shoes you won’t actually be able to walk out of the house in – or it would be for me, anyway. In fact, for a similar amount of money, you could have either the two pairs of slippers shown above, OR you could have a pair of So Kates. I know which one my money would be going on, that’s for sure…

Of course, I say this as someone who doesn’t even own a cheap pair of slippers, let alone an expensive pair, preferring to go barefoot at home, or wear one of the many pairs of soft-soled ballet flats I can pick up at the likes of New Look for £10 or so. (Yes, I know that might sound strange, but I work from home, and I feel more productive when I’m “dressed” – those flimsy flats are as comfortable as slippers, but look like “real” shoes, which makes me feel a bit more pulled together…) I’m definitely not part of the target market for £225 slippers then, but perhaps you are? Would you buy a pair of these?


  • What sense does the signature red sole make if nobody can see it? You’d need to come up with a pythonesque ‘Silly Walk’ in order to show off your soles, so NO, i would not spend the money on CL flats 😉

    • Not everyone buys Louboutins just for the sole, though – that would imply that you were only interested in having a “status symbol”, rather than in the shoes themselves… I have a pair of Louboutin wedges, and no one sees the red on the soles: it’s not something that ever crosses my mind, though – I love the shoes, not the sole.

  • My last pair of slippers cost $10. I love these but I just can’t see myself spending that kind of money on shoes that can’t leave the house. How on earth would everyone else get to admire them if they are always indoors???

  • 225 POUNDS is a lot to pay for a pair of slippers, no matter what the brand name is. I think going barefooted would do just as well, at least for me. Then again, I’m content to enjoy wearing a pair of stiletto pumps as my slippers anyway.

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