ASOS Harpist Gold Heeled Sandals

ASOS Harpist Gold Heeled Sandals

ASOS Harpist Gold Heeled Sandals, £40

ASOS continue their winning streak in the shoe department this week: whereas I used to visit the site primarily for the dresses (Which are also pretty amazing this season, just FYI…), and would frequently forget to even look at the shoes, these days the shoe section is one of my first stops at the site, and I’m rarely disappointed by what I find there. They really seem to have developed the knack of creating affordable shoes that could easily pass for a more expensive brand, and if they continue like this, with such a deadly combination of dresses and shoes, they’ll soon be able to tale over the world – or my closet, at any rate.

(They’ve already taken over a large percentage of my closet, let’s be honest here…)

Anyway, these shoes are the kind that don’t sound like much on paper (I mean, how often have I shown you gold strappy sandals by now? On second thoughts, don’t answer that…) , but which have real WOW factor in person. The gold embossed upper is shiny (but no so shiny as to look tacky) and the upper is similarly well-balanced: it’s strappy enough to look delicate and dressy, but not so strappy that the shoes will be uncomfortable, or impossible to dress down. The high heel, meanwhile, looks vertiginous in the photo, but there’s also a small platform to balance it out, so let’s hope these are relatively easy to walk in, too!

Finally, there’s the price, which I just keep coming back to. ASOS dress prices have increased a little over the last couple of years – not for all of them, certainly, but they have started to release lines like ASOS Salon, which are more expensive. I really hope that doesn’t happen with the shoes, because these are really well priced for such a lovely pair of sandals – so much so, in fact, that I’m going to have to stop there, before I talk myself into buying them!

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