Zara red asymmetric pumps

Zara red asymmetric pumps Zara red asymmetric pumps

Zara pumps, £69.99

Oh my.

I actually let out a little shriek when I first came across these shoes, and by that I mean an ACTUAL, honest-to-God shriek, not just an “I’m saying this, but y’all know I’m really just exaggerating,” kind of shriek.

“What?” asked Shoeperman, confused.

“Zara,” I replied. “They’ve released a red version of THOSE asymmetric pumps: you know the ones?”

And it’s testament to how much I’ve spoken about those shoes that Shoeperman DID know the ones I was talking about. That poor, poor man.

Actually, these aren’t, as I’d first thought, an exact replica of the famous, still-selling-on-eBay-for-ridiculous prices asymmetric pumps of yore. These ones have a longer toe, and a slightly different vamp, with a little cut-out section at the toe. Zara DID, however, release a second version of the famous black pumps just a few months after the first ones, and they were very similar to the shape of these shoes, so perhaps that’s what they’re based on instead. Either way, I love them, and am really happy to see Zara re-visiting this style/a variation on it: I’ve always wondered why they didn’t make more of what has to have been one of their most popular shoes of recent years, and now they’ve released something similar, I’m sure I’ll have a very hard time resisting!

These are 100% leather, and are also available in a tan/nude upper.

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  • The previous version of the asymmetric pumps was indeed so beautiful, I run like crazy to try them on the moment I saw them appearing in the online shop (or was it some blog?). But I was between sizes… for me they were so uncomfortable I decided not to buy them. Double tragedy, I could only watch them from the distance! These ones look more comfortable I think, thanks for sharing them! I see a trip to Zara in my nearest future:)

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