Jimmy Choo Niagra Plex Crystal-Adorned Platform Sandals

Jimmy Choo Niagra

Well, I did warn you I’d be showing you a lot of Jimmy Choo this month…

These shoes aren’t ones I expect you to like, necessarily: shoes like this rarely go down well here, but I still have to give them points for effort, and these certainly look like a whole lot of that has gone into their creation:

Jimmy Choo 'Niagra'

I really love to look at the heels of these, even if I wouldn’t particularly want to wear them. I like to think that Cinderella’s glass slippers would’ve looked a little bit like this (alebit probably without the platform and studded straps), and the heel is gorgeous, even although the uppers don’t exactly say “£1,671 worth of shoe” to me.

Yes. £1,671. That’s how much these cost. Are you even a little bit tempted?

Jimmy Choo ‘Niagra’: click here to buy them.

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