Nicholas Kirkwood Scribble-Flower Colorblock Sandal

Nicholas Kirkwood Scribble-Flower shoes

These are the kind of shoes I always think of as “Runway Footwear”: i.e., they’re the kind of shoes that look amazing on the runway, or as part of a fashion editorial, but which I’m always a little surprised to see actually go into production, because as fabulous as they are, they’re probably the kind of thing that are destined to generate a “love or hate” kind of response.

Designed to look like a colourblock sandal with a flower scribbled over the sides, these are   very creative, and amazing to look at. Would you wear them, though? And, more to the point, would you pay $1,250 for them?

Nicholas Kirkwood scribble shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood Scribble Flower sandals: click here to buy them.


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