Miu Miu sequined leather pumps with low heels

Miu Miu sequined shoes with low heels

I’m going to take a rough guess here that when you saw the words “Miu Miu” and “sequins” in the title of this post, these shoes probably weren’t what you were expecting.

Miu Miu is, indeed, known for sequins, but the brand generally tends to attach those sequins to shoes with a much higher heel. This time, however, they’ve gone for a low, block heel, which would generally be a huge turn-off to me – my rule of thumb for heel-height tends to be “go high, go flat, or go home” – but actually, I’ve been seeing a lot of little 60s-style shift dresses around lately, and I think this kind of height and look is perfect for wearing with that particular style.

Of course, the sequined uppers also help here: I don’t think anyone could accuse these shoes of being “frumpy”: not when you’d be looking down on this:

The biggest sticking point with these, then, would have to be the price: they’re $890, and you can click here to buy them from Net-a-Porter.

What do you think of the low-heeled look?


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