Christian Louboutin Botalili Vea Velours knee boots

green knee high boots


Christian Louboutin Botalili Vea Velours, £875

At least once every year, Christian Louboutin releases a pair of knee-high boots which make me ALMOST think winter might not be all that bad after all.

This year, the boots in question are the Botalili Vea Velours, in this beautiful dark green/petrol blue (They look green on my monitor, but the Loouboutin website describes them as ‘blue khol’, so I’m hedging my bets, here.)  shade.

The perfect colour for autumn (Whichever of the two it actually is, it looks good to me!)

The perfect, simple shape.

The perfect 100mm heel, which, combined with the small platform, should make these comfortable enough to walk around in all day.

The only thing that’s NOT perfect about these? The price tag. Well, of COURSE. These were never going to be “affordable”, exactly, but £875 is a lot of change to find down the back of the sofa, so it looks like this year’s perfect boots are destined to remain firmly in my dreams, along with all the other pairs. If you love them enough to buy them, though, you’ll find them at the Louboutin official website: enjoy!

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