Alice + Olivia ‘Gizelle’ Platform Mary Janes

I know, right? I’ve shown you a fair few pairs of glitter covered shoes in my time, but these ones by Alice + Olivia still made me sit up and take notice, and it’s all because of that square toe. OK, it’s actually because of quite a few things. Like the glitter, for instance. And the bow. The jewel-encrusted bow. I mean, they’re not really the kind of shoes you’d just ignore, are they?

The toe is still the thing that sets them apart for me, though: square toes are relatively unusual, and I have to admit that they’re my least favourite of all of the toe shapes around, so while I appreciate the fact that Alice + Olivia have tried something different here, I’d still like it a whole lot more if these had an almond shape, say.

Still, they DID make me look, I have to give them that:

Like them? They’re $275: click here to buy them at Shopbop.


  • I don’t mind square toes, although I prefer rounded ones… I love chunky heels and Mary Janes, and these shoes are asking me to buy them, but for that price they will remain in the shop – well, at least I won’t be the lucky one to have them!

  • It wasn’t the toe that I noticed first (probably because I am a fan of square toes), it was the heel. I am not a fan of chunky heels. I like my shoes delicate. I love the beading on the bow but for some reason the shoe’s glitter looks cheap to me. I can’t quite pinpoint why though.

  • There is such a thing as too much glitter, and these shoes prove that point. Maybe without the bow they’d be okay. I don’t mind the square toe at all; it’s something a little different without being over the top.

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