River Island diamanté detail high heeled sandals

River Island diamante sandals

A lot of stores have had sales on recently, which is great news for bargain hunters, of course, but bad news for poor shoe bloggers, who like a constant stream of new footwear to write about!

Thankfully, some new stock is starting to appear now, and, as you’d expect at this time of year, the focus is firmly on the festive season, with lots of sparkly party sandals. These ones from River Island are one of the more interesting examples of the new arrivals, and they come with a thick toe and ankle strap, combined with a diamanté covered stiletto heel. Of the three colours available, I actually like the one I HAVEN’T shown you – a plain black version – best, as it’s the most classic of the bunch. The orange and pink combo, meanwhile, are probably the most fashion-forward, while the black and blue sits somewhere in between.

These are £55: click here to buy them.

(P.S. Find

(P.S. Find more River Island shoes here.)


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