Miu Miu Feather Jeweled-Heel Pump

Feather Jeweled-Heel Pump

Miu Miu Feather Jeweled-Heel Pump, £990

Up until recently, I’ve always maintained that feathers are for the birds, and pom poms belong on clowns. (Mostly.) Neither of those features would normally attract me to a shoe, so you’d imagine that a shoe with a feather pom-pom on the front would be a huge no-no, right?

Wrong. The second these Miu Miu peep toes appeared on my screen, I was all over them like a rash. There’s just something so decadent and frivolous about them somehow, and what better way to make your Monday morning a little bit brighter than with a pair of totally frivolous shoes, complete with a giant pom-pom on the toes? Exactly.

As if the feather pom-pom and gold mesh upper weren’t enough on their own, these shoes also have the jewelled heel that characterises so much of the current Miu Miu collection, and which is very typical of the brand. These shoes didn’t actually need anything extra in the way of added glamour, but I’m not complaining, and although there’s a fair bit of detail here, they’re not too over-the-top, with the gold upper helping to keep the look fairly muted, and easy enough to wear.

Speaking of which, as soon as I saw these, I pictured worn with a glamorous tulle skirt, in either cream, or possibly pale pink. I have a tendency to imagine almost everything worn like that, though (What can I say, I love a big skirt, and there’s still a part of me that dreams of being a ballerina when I grow up…), so don’t mind me: as I said, you’ll have no problems finding a colour that will work with these, giving you free reign to let your imagination run riot, and wear them any way you please!

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