Ravel mint bow court shoes

Ravel mint bow shoes

Ravel mint bow shoes, £55

If you like pastel colours (and I think you all know by now that I DO like pastel colours. Rather a lot, actually.), getting dressed is going to be really, really easy for you this summer. Or actually, maybe that should say “really, really DIFFICULT”? There’s just so many pale, pastel shades available right now, you see, that I can easily see myself being spoilt for choice. Take mint shoes, for instance: I’ve seen lots of pairs I really like this season, but I haven’t actually bought any, because I just can’t decide which I like best (this is a really good problem to have).

Will these Ravel bow-front pumps be The Ones? Well, probably not: the heel is a little shorter than I’d ideally like, and although they’re certainly cute, there’s also something almost “sensible” about them, which I can’t quite put my finger on. If you’re looking for sorta-sensible pastel shoes, however, these could be YOUR “ones”. I really like the gold trim on the bow, which dresses them up nicely and gives them a bit of an edge over the multitude of other mint green shoes that are around at the moment. The patent upper, meanwhile, will be a bit more durable than suede – handy if we get a typically wet summer!

What to wear with mint shoes?

Speaking of that gold trim, it was the main inspiration behind this outfit:

mint shoes outfit

What to wear with mint shoes:

cords // top // sunglasses // bag // necklace

These are lightweight cords, rather than jeans, so this would probably be more suitable for an early spring day than a summer one. There are almost as many pairs of mint jeans and trousers around at the moment as there are mint shoes, though, so I doubt you’d have  a problem finding something similar in a cooler fabric!

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