ASOS Life Story Stripe Ballet Flats

ASOS Life Story Stripe Ballet Flats

ASOS Life Story Stripe Ballet Flats, £12

I always hesitate a bit to show you flat shoes here, because as practical as they are, and as cute as they can be, there’s just no getting away from the fact that they’re not exactly the most exciting shoe purchase you ever make, are they? I mean, I love flats, and I’ve been wearing them a lot more often lately, but they’re still in that class of item which I’ll put off purchasing until I absolutely have to, because there’s always something else I’d rather spend my money on. Like heels, for instance. Or dresses.

Still: flats might not be quite as exciting as some other items out there, but they ARE useful, and they can also be a lot of fun, as this black and white stripe pair from ASOS prove. Oh, and one big point in their favour is that they’re generally a whole lot less expensive than most of the other styles of shoes you can buy, and sometimes a cheap little pick me up is exactly what the shoe doctor ordered, am I right?

The reason THESE shoes are just what the doctor ordered (for me, I mean: possibly not for you, but that’s OK…) is all down to the print. I mean, the pointed toe is always a winner, too, but show me a bold, black and white stripe, and I’m probably going to want it. And in this case, I DO: quite a lot, actually. Not only would these look great as shown, with a simple pair of jeans, I also think they’d be perfect with some of my favourite 50s-style skirts and dresses: stripes are such a great way to add interest to a block colour, and black and white is one of the most versatile colour combinations out there!

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