ASOS ‘Pinpoint’ pink pointed heels

ASOS 'Pinpoint' pink pointed heels

ASOS ‘Pinpoint’ pink pointed heels, £45

I almost overlooked these shoes when I saw them on the ASOS ‘new in’ section, purely because the fact that they’re miles too large for the model wearing them isn’t doing them any favours at all, is it? I mean, I know they can’t possibly have every single size available on a shoot, and, unlike clothes, shoes can’t exactly be pinned into place, but still, these would look a whole lot better on the right-sized foot!

That aside, I do think they’re worth a closer look: the pink satin upper is a welcome relief from the sea of blacks and browns that we see every autumn, and although the silver straps cheapen them a little (that mirrored silver is a hard one to do, I think), they’re a lot of fun, and the sheer frivolity of them is a big plus point for me. I’m already tired of looking at sensible shoes and boots this season, and I can imagine getting my hands on these, and then spending the next hour playing “dress up” with them in my closet. Er, as you do? You know?

Seeing as it’s October, I feel duty-bound to also show you these flats:

ASOS cat flats

They’re marketing them as ‘Halloween cat flats’, but honestly, I think cat shoes seem to be an all-year-round thing, really (now THOSE are words I never thought I’d type!), so if you like cats and shoes, I don’t think you’d have to restrict yourself to only wearing these in October. I actually quite like them: probably wouldn’t rush out and actually BUY them, of course, but they’re one of the few shoes I think would look really good with a pair of black opaque tights, and there’s going to be a whole lot of those in my future, as the weather get colder (and colder, and colder), so anything that makes them a little less boring seems like a good thing to me right now!


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