Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Mayerling’ Fluo Mat/Suede

Christian Louboutin 'Mayerling' Fluo Mat/Suede Christian Louboutin 'Mayerling' Fluo Mat/Suede

Christian Louboutin ‘Mayerling’ Fluo Mat/Suede, £665

The start of spring always feels like the perfect time to break out the reds, whites and blues that typically make up the so-called “nautical” look – or, in this case, the pinks, cobalts and golds. OK, so these shoes aren’t traditionally “nautical” at all, but they do have that feel to them and the little white “ropes” at the ankle only heighten the effect.

These are a classic two-part sandal, with a high stiletto heel and the aforementioned lace-front fastening. The colours are bright (These are described as “fluo” for a reason…), but they work perfectly together, making this kind of combination a good one for anyone who likes the idea of wearing lots of bright colours (or a couple, at least), but tends to shy away from the reality of it. There’s no doubt that brights can be somewhat daunting if you’re someone who favours more neutral colour palettes, but as I say, these shoes shouldn’t pose any problems, and, in fact, will work really well with those neutrals – I think they’d look spectacular with white, but they’ll also look good with black, navy, or either of the two brighter colours used  on the upper.

These also come in a navy/orange combination, which is just as eye-catching, but a little less bright!

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