Aldo ‘Miyaa’ floral print sandals

Aldo 'Miyaa' floral print sandals

Aldo ‘Miyaa’ floral print sandals

I feel like I’ve pretty much only been showing you this specific style of block-heeled single strap sandals lately: whoops.

While I’m not going to pretend this is the only shoe style available to buy right now – I mean, far from it – there’s no denying that it’s pretty popular: and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely one of the nicer shoe styles of this season, and that’s particularly true of this floral-print version by ALDO. I will admit to a certain degree of bias, here: I’m still going through my blush pink obsession, and you can almost always sell me a floral print, so the combination of blush upper, decorated with pretty florals is absolutely fine by me.

This is another shoe that will work well with a variety of different looks. They’re pretty and dressy enough to wear with a dress to a summer wedding, say, but they’ll also be perfect with the classic old ‘blue jeans, white shirt’ combo, too. If you love the print, but don’t love the sandal, meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to know that the print is also available on a pointed court shoe:

floral print court shoes

Although it’s almost summer (I just had to check that, because June always feels like summer to me anyway: apparently it doesn’t officially start until the 21st, though, so we have a few days to go!), I’m writing this post while looking out at a window full of fog, so I think the closed-toe version would probably be the more practical choice for me, although I live in hope of warmer temperatures coming soon! Even if they don’t, though, either pair of these shoes would be a lovely way to make sure your outfit feels appropriately summery, even if the weather doesn’t want to play along: which pair would you go for?

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