Red patent three bow court shoes from Next

Red bow shoes from Next


I happened to be in my local branch of Next last weekend, and the bright red colour of these shoes drew me to them like… well, like a Shoeperwoman to a pair of red shoes, basically. (I feel I should note that they also come in black, but who cares about black pumps when there’s bright red patent to be looked at?)

One of the best things about Next’s footwear is the price: these are only £32, which is one of the cheapest price points you’ll find on the high street, especially considering how much use you could get out of a shoe like this. And by “you”, I mean “me”, obviously.

Other than the eye-catching colour, the other stand-out feature is the little three-layered bow on the toe, which adds a cute touch to an old classic. Click here to buy them from Next.


  • Oh, so cute! And red patent leather, I love them! I just bought a red patent leather pair of shoes, so I have to say no to these ones… but the bows are so cute!

  • I’ve been looking for a new pair of red heels and this might be the one! Are they really bright red? Because on the Next website someone says they’re more of a ‘dark coral red’…

  • I have a pair very like this from New Look a few years ago. They’re probably my most worn heels and pretty comfortable (I wear flats most of the time so lack the Shoeper powers to walk in high heels).

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