Shellys Mid Heel Glitter Shoes

silver glitter shoes with mid height heelAs I scrolled through New Look’s shoe section this morning, these shoes really stood out. Not because they’re covered in glitter, I hasten to add: it certainly used to be the case that a glitter-covered shoe would have a certain amount of novelty value, but these days – and particularly at this time of year – it’s more unusual to find a shoe that’s NOT coated in the sparkly stuff, seriously.

No, the reason these shoes stood out was because of:

a) The height of the heel. It’s so rare for me to find a mid-height heel that I like, that every time I DO find one, I have to immediately show you it. The fact that I hardly ever feature mid-height heels here tells you everything you need to know about how often I find ones I like.

b) The little “curl” detail on the toe:

It’s cute. It’s different. It makes the shoes look like they’ve just arrived on a time machine from the 17th century or something. (Note: not a shoe historian, no idea which century this kind of style would actually have been worn in, if any. And obviously they wouldn’t have covered their shoes in glitter back then. But you know what I mean, because you are clever.)

Overall, these were a refreshing change, and they’re a reasonably refreshing price, too, at £54.99. Click here to buy them from New Look, who also stock them in red and blue. (I’d have shown you those, too, but the site crashed while I was writing this, so you’ll have to see for yourself, I’m afraid!)


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