ASOS crossed front shoes in patent pink/coral


I actually came across these shoes while I was looking for something else at, and I thought they were rather tempting, especially for just £29.50.

The pinkish/coral colour isn’t something I’d necessarily have gone looking for, but it just so happens that I’ve been drawn to the idea of floral print dresses lately (not that I’d ever actually get the chance to wear one, of course, but summer tends to make these things suddenly attractive to me) and these would be a good match for the pinky tones in most of the ones I’ve been finding myself drawn.

My favourite thing about these shoes is the shape of the strap at the top, which you can see better in the close-up:


They’re also available in “natural”, but the colour looks more like taupe to me, so I think I actually prefer these versions for a change! Great with the aforementioned summery dress, and a bit of a bargain, too.

BUY: ASOS  Cross front punched shoes, £29.50

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