Ugly Shoe Deja Vu: Bakers’ version of Louis Vuitton’s feather sandals


So, I have a question: why is it always the ugliest designer shoes around that end up being copied by cheaper brands? Or it seems that way, anyway. I have no love at all for Louis Vuitton’s current feather-decorated collection, but someone obviously does, because not only have the shoes in question been copied by Bebe (as noted by The Fashion Police last month), now Bakers have got in on the act with their ‘Feather’ shoes (above, also available in black).

Granted, these are far from being exact copies, but it seems clear where the inspiration has come from, no? Good news if you’re a big Louis Vuitton fan, I guess, but I suspect I’m not the only one who wouldn’t touch these with a stiletto heel.

The Bebe versions, which are a much more direct copy, are pictured under the jump…



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