Rock & Republic ‘Alexa’ slingback sandals

rock-and-republic-sandalsRock & Republic is a brand I’ve managed to completely ignore for… well, forever, really.

These ‘Alexa’ slingbacks, however, were just begging to be written about, so here they are. Red and black is a combination that’s almost guaranteed to get my attention on shoe, and “getting attention” is more or less what these shoes were designed for. Would the attention be for the right reasons or the wrong ones, though? Well, when you’re dealing with a 5.5″ stiletto heel and a high platform, you just know you’re going to be walking that very fine line between “wow” and “stripper shoe” (not that it’s ever stopped me, of course), don’t you? Which side of the line do these shoes fall on? I’m going to leave that up to you to decide….

BUY: Rock & Republic ‘Alexa’ slingbacks, $439


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