Ugly Shoe of the Day: Irregular Choice ‘Toulouse’ fringed sandals

6a00d8341c873353ef01156f94806f970c-800wiI should probably begin this post by saying that I’m an Irregular Choice fan. No, really: I know they’ve been responsible for some truly eyeball-searing sights in their time, but they’re always inventive, always original, and every so often they’ll come up with something stunning.

This isn’t one of those times, though.

These Toulouse sandals are one of a set of fringed footwear which The Fashion Police were forced to to arrest earlier today. (You can see them all here, should you so desire.) How they’ve handed them over to me so I can use my super powers to cast them into space, far, far away from human feet. If you’d like to get them back, however, they’re $72.45, and you can buy them at


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