Dune ‘Lotty’ polka dot peep toe shoes

dune-lotty-peep-toesI’ve had my x-ray eyes trained on these shoes for absolutely ages now, but after the Irregular Choice monstrosities I showed you earlier today, I figured we might all be particularly in need of some eye candy.

And here it is!

These are Dune’s ‘Lotty’ peep toes, and one glance will be enough to tell regular readers just why I like them. These shoes are lots of fun, especially for summertime, and the polka dot uppers give them a lovely, retro feel to them, too.

They’re available in both red and black, but are starting to sell out, so don’t blame me if your size isn’t available! Oh, and look, they do matching handbags, too:



  • Where can I buy the Dune Lotty red heels and matching bag? I live in USA and can’t locate them online anywhere in UK!

  • I am interested in getting the polka dot purses only, the red and white first, and if the two (red & white plus black & white come together for one price) $39.95 then I will buy them both for the total price of $39.95. I do not want any shoes. I cannot wear heels at all. SO WILL YOU ANSWER ME ?PLEASE. Thank you very much. Eveline

  • I saw this red and white polka dot purse and fell in love with it. Then, it disappeared from all websites and I have been searching for it ever since. I found it here,
    2 Pairs for only $39.95. Picked by our stylists!
    you are showing it as 2 purses for $39.95 but I don’t really want the black and white dot purse. Can you sell me the red background with white dot purse? What is the size of it width? height? depth? does it have any pockets anywhere outside in back and inside? does it have a zipper inside? half of $39.95 would be $19.97.5 Can you sell it to me at that price? my email is above, my phone number is xxxxxx and my nickname is Evie

    • I’ve no idea why you’re posting your personal information, including your phone number, on my website, but I’ve removed your phone number for your own safety. I don’t know why you think I can sell you this purse, but this is a blog, not a shop: I wrote about this item six years ago, but I don’t own it, and can’t sell you it: sorry!

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