Shoesday Shoes Roundup

Back when ShoeperWoman first started, I decided Tuesday would be re-named “Shoesday” (boom boom!), and that every Shoesday, I post photos of shoes.

Back then, the shoes in question would always be the ones I happened to be wearing that day. These days, I’m afraid that would get really boring, really fast (I’m typing this in my slippers, for instance, and no one needs to see those!), so today I thought I’d revive the ‘Shoesday’ tradition, but this time focusing on the shoes I WISH I was wearing, rather than the shoes I actually AM wearing. So, here’s the inaugural ‘Shoesday’ lineup, starting off with…

Gucci for Net-a-Porter floral shoes


These are from the Gucci for Net-a-Porter collection, and although they’re not the kind of style I’d usually go for, something about them that caught my eye. I love the gold bow across the foot, and no one could accuse that floral upper of not being appropriately spring-like!

ASOS PEnbury Heels


White glitter stilettos, with lots of glued-on flower embellishments? I suspect a lot of people would consider these shoes tacky as hell, but I’m obviously in a good mood this morning, because here they are! Would I buy them? Nah: they look a little too much like a craft project for my liking, but they’re fun to look at, and sometimes that’s all you need, isn’t it?

river Island green chiffon tie-heel sandals


If I ever claim to be tired of green and gold, I want someone to come round to my house and check my pulse, OK? Again, these shoes aren’t a style I’d rush out and buy (I suspect I’m much too lazy to want to lace them up every time I wore them), but the colour combination is always going to be a winner for me, so that was enough to earn these a spot on the Shoesday lineup!

Jimmy Choo Liddie heels


People have always gleefully told me that the older I got, the lower I’d want my heels to be. Well, so far it hasn’t happened: it’s definitely true that I’ve discovered a newfound love of ballet flats in the last couple of years, but heels are still my one true love, and my main issue these days is that I just can’t find heels high enough for my taste. I blame Christian Louboutin for this: my Pigalle 120 pumps are by far my most frequently worn shoes, and they’ve kind of spoiled me for anything else. These days, a 4″ heel seems a bit too low for a stiletto, so these Jimmy Choo sandals earn extra shoeper points for me for the height of that heel. I’m happy to see the platform here, though, which will make them feel lower when you’re wearing them: well, I may love high heels, but I also love being able to walk!

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