What to wear with gingham shoes

blue gingham shoes by ASOS

blue gingham platform shoes

blue gingham high heeled platform shoes


Or gingham ANYTHING, now I come to think of it? The very sight of this summery fabric has the power to make me instantly want to buy whichever item it’s attached to, regardless of whether or not I need it – or even if I already HAVE it, in some cases.

Take these ASOS blue and white gingham shoes, for instance: these aren’t actually a shape I would normally go for, and if they were another colour or print, I’d probably have just scrolled right past them, because chunky platforms just aren’t my style. Make those chunky platform shoes in a cute, baby-blue gingham, though, and all of a sudden I’m sitting there thinking, “But they’re only £45! And they’re so summery! I wonder what I could wear with them?”

Next thing I know, those shoes have been mentally added to my closet: and so have a few other items, into the bargain. So, what WOULD I wear with blue gingham shoes? Probably something a little bit like this:

what  to wear with gingham shoes

dress / jacket / bag 

I mentioned last week that I can’t get enough of little white dresses right now – or any time when the weather’s warm enough to make them a practical option, really. A white dress will, of course, work with ANY colour of shoe, but I particularly like the fresh feel of gingham and white: add a splash of red and you have a classic summer look, which is just begging to be taken on a picnic, don’t you think?

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