Shoe of the Day | Charlotte Olympia ‘Dynasty’ t-bar sandals

Charlotte Olympia Dynasty sandals mint Charlotte Olympia sandals

Charlotte Olympia ‘Dynasty’ sandals, £86.03

I just had to show you these shoes, and find out what you think of them… even although I’m not 100% sure I know what I think of them myself.

Oh, I know what I think of the upper, obviously. That aqua green satin? To die for. Seriously. The shape is also perfect, with the sweetest little peep toe, and a delicate strap winding around the ankle.

Where it all starts to fall down for me a little is when you get to what’s ON that strap. The giant, diamanté embellishment is certainly pretty, but it’s also pretty flashy, especially when combined with the tassels and beads which hang from each side of it. Let’s put it this way: these shoes are called ‘Dynasty’, and when I look at that embellishment, I’m very much reminded of some of the outfits from the 80s TV show of the same name. I’m not quite sure if that’s the ‘Dynasty’ Charlotte Olympia had in mind with these, but that’s the one I’m thinking of now!

On the plus side, the colour is truly gorgeous, and red and mint is an unexpectedly wonderful combination, to these made it to ‘Shoe of the Day’. Whether or not they’ll make their way into your heart, however, is for you to decide – and to tell me in the comments!

party outfit with mint green dress and heels

dress // faux fur coat coat /// bag // bracelet

I was very tempted to play it safe with these shoes and go for a plain black (or navy) dress, to allow them to truly shine. Then I found this dress, and completely changed my mind. If you’re not a fan of matching the colour of you shoes to the colour of your dress, however (and I know such things are frowned upon in fashion-conscious circles!), a darker dress would also look great with these.


  • I only noticed when you mentioned their name, but now I can only think of China, with the red tassels falling from the embellishment. I quite like them 🙂

  • Oh, I saw these a few weeks ago, & pinned them to my fantasy board on Pinterest. They are a bit much to look at, but I think on the foot they would look gorgeous. Love them.

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