Yay or Nay? Three pairs of unusual shoes

This edition of ‘Yay or Nay’ is a triple whammy: after weeks (and maybe even years) of shoes which all look more or less the same, it seems like shoes have finally started to get interesting again. But are they interesting in a good way, or in a bad way, I wonder? Well, let’s see…

Gucci Lip Applique t-bar shoes

Shoe # 1 : Lip-appliquéd leather T-bar sandals

As shoe embellishments go, lips are one of the ones that tend to crop up fairly often: which is actually kind of odd, now I come to think of it. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but lips and feet aren’t really a combination I like to think about all too often (sorry, fetishists!), so I guess I’ve always been ever-so-slightly puzzled by the proliferation of lip-embellished shoes I find for sale – and probably why I don’t actually own any of them.

Still, when I opened up Net-a-Porter this morning, as is my usual habit, and started scrolling through the ‘New In’ section, my hand automatically paused over these shoes, which I’d LOVE if they’d just resisted the impulse to add the lips. What about you?

Tory Burch Firenza metallic leather sandals

Shoe # 2 : Tory Burch Firenza metallic leather sandals

I normally associate Tory Burch with classic flats, so these elaborate gold heels seem like a little bit of a departure for the brand. They’re definitely statement-making, and I’m sure they’re the kind of shoes that will turn heads: are they they kind of shoes that have you reaching for the “add to basket” button, though, or is that heel just a little bit too much for your tastes?

Finally, at a more affordable price point…

ASOS Head Turner Heeled Sandals

Shoe # 3: ASOS Head Turner Heeled Sandals

Fur. Glitter. Pink. Blue. Quite a combination for a shoe, and one I can’t imagine having the opportunity to wear anywhere, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Do these get a Yay or a Nay from you? And what about the other pairs>

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