Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ruston’ Ballet Flats

Jeffrey Campbell 'Ruston' Ballet Flats

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ruston’ Ballet Flats, £105

Well, I honestly never thought I’d see the day, but I’ve finally found a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I actually like – LOVE, even. And they’re flats, too. I mean, who even am I? I barely even recognise myself right now…

OK, OK, I’m exaggerating just a bit: I’m sure there have been some pairs of JC shoes I’ve liked over the years (and I’m sure they’ve also been flats, now I come to think of it), but true though that may be, it’s also true to say that I generally associate this particular brand with huge, clumpy platforms – the kind of shoes that are normally described as “edgy” or “fashion forward”, and which aren’t even remotely suited to my non-edgy, er, fashion-backward self. These ones, however, ARE very much suited to my style, because they’re bow-fronted flats: what’s not to like?

The bow in question is a particularly nice one in this case – and a particularly large one, too: so large, in fact, that it’s actually touching the ground in the image above. I have to admit, that worries me a little – that pale suede wouldn’t stay pale for very long if it was being constantly dragged along the ground – but it doesn’t stop me liking the look of these. And they do also come in black, which I guess would take a little longer to be rendered unwearable.

As well as the bow, these shoes also have a pointed toe, and a very small heel, which should help give them a little more support (Only a little, mind you) than the traditional flat-soled ballet flat. Practicality aside, I really like them – and should Jeffrey Campbell ever decide to make a version with heels, well, I’m pretty sure I’ll like those even more!

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