ASOS ‘Hysterical’ red heeled sandals with bow

ASOS 'Hysterical' red heeled sandals with bow

ASOS ‘Hysterical’ red heeled sandals with bow, £45

If someone were to tell me I had to pick two colours, and that I would only be able to wear shoes in those two colours for the rest of my life (I mean, I have no idea why someone would do that, or how they would enforce it, obviously, but these are the kinds of things I think about when I’m bored, or can’t sleep, so let’s just go with it…) I would, without hesitation, choose red and gold. Gold because it will literally work with everything (and is a little more special than “nude”); red because it might not work with everything, but it does work with an awful lot, and it’s the kind of bright colour that has the power to make an ordinary outfit suddenly special.

Why am I telling you this? Because these ASOS sandals come in both red and gold… and, I mean, I’m pretty sure I’d choose the red, but the gold would be more versatile, and… can I have them both? What do you mean, “no”? Just look at that giant bow on the side: if that doesn’t have my name all over it, I don’t know what does.

To be completely honest, it’s actually the bow that REALLY attracts me to these shoes: I do love an oversized bow, as I’m sure my regular readers know by now, but they can be pretty hard to wear on the ankle, and have a tendency to look quite clumsy – and to make your ankles look huge. This one, however, is set lower down on the foot, so it should be easier and more flattering to wear, while still making a bit of a statement. Other than the bow, the shoe itself is very simple, and is the kind of strappy sandal you could wear with anything – if you can just decide which colour to go for!

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  • I actually have these (already), and wore them to work today (because it’s summer and phooey on the “closed toes” dress code), and I ADORE THEM. They’re amazing enough that everyone who saw me commented on the fabulousness of them. That good.

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