Poetic Licence ‘Dazzling Day’ peep toes

navy peep toes with green bow navy peep toe shoes with green bow detail

Poetic Licence ‘Dazzling Day’, $59.95

As a brand, Poetic Licence tends to be a little too “cutesy” for my taste most of the time, although I do appreciate how inventive the designs can be. Every so often, however, they come up with a shoe which strikes just the right balance between “attention grabbing” and “totally over the top”, and these ‘Dazzling Day’ peep toes are one of those shoes.

One of my favourite things about these shoes is the navy and green colourway. It’s a slightly usual pairing, and most brands would probably go for black rather than navy, but I think it works really well, and although the darker colours give these a bit of a “wintry” feel for me (And actually, the green bow on the toe feels rather festive, don’t you think?), I like them much better than the burgundy/orange combination which is also available – and which instantly made me think of Halloween. (And not in a good way.)

My very favourite thing about these, though? Well, it has to be that big ol’d ribbon embellishment on the toe, topped with a contrasting brooch. As well as being very pretty, it also gives these shoes a bit of a decadent, luxurious feeling, which makes the $60 price tag a pleasant surprise.

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