Shoe Deja Vu: Buffalo ‘Berline’ Vs Carvela ‘Assemble’

white glitter heels with bow buffalo

Buffalo ‘Berline‘, £45

Normally when I write Shoe Deja Vu posts, I show you two pairs of shoes: the original and the “copy” (or “inspired” version, if you prefer!). This time, however, I didn’t bother, because the two pairs of shoes in question are SO identical I’m convinced it’s actually just one shoe, re-branded.

This wouldn’t be too surprising. We’ve spoken before about how many high street brands buy their shoes from the same manufacturer, who simply changes the name on the insole as required. I’ve long suspected that Buffalo and Carvela fall into this category, because I fairly frequently notice them selling identical shoes, and these ‘Berline’ pumps are just the latest example of that. If you’re a Carvela fan, you’ll probably instantly have recognised these as their ‘Assemble’ pumps from last year. I have the turquoise version, but secretly always loved the white glitter one, too, which is why I’m showing you these now. This is exactly the same shoe, but while the Carvela version retailed for £120, and sold out last year, these are currently on sale for just £45, and are still available in all sizes, so if you missed out on them last time, this could be your chance to grab a pair.

I think these would make fabulous and unusual bridal shoes, but given the current popularity of bright white shoes, you might just be able to make them work with more casual outfits too, even with that glittery upper. As for me, I’d be tempted to buy them just to put them out on display: I’m not sure how much wear I’d get out of them, but I do know I’d never tire of looking at them!

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