Jessica Simpson red bow peep toes

Jessica Simpson red bow peep toes

Jessica Simpson red bow peep toes, $89.99

The Jessica Simpson shoe line is another one I haven’t checked out in far too long, but if these shoes are anything to go by, it’s definitely going to be  on my radar a lot more often from now on. I mean, they’re red, they’re open toed, they have an asymmetric bow on the toe: they could have been made for me, in other words. These look better from above than they do from the side, and I have a feeling they’ll look better in real life than they do in the photo, too. There’s only one way to find out, and given that the shipping costs from the US will no doubt be too high for me, I’m going to have to rely on one of you guys to take one for the team, and report back!

As much as I like the red peep toes, however, I think I might love these bright blue court shoes even more:

blue pointed bow shoes

Jessica Simpson blue bow court shoes, $89.99

Everything about these shoes is just perfect, from the shape of the shoe, to the shape of the bow, to the combination of bright blue and teal on the upper. Unfortunately for me, I’ve learned from experience that no matter how much I love the look of shoes this colour, I never to seem to wear them when I buy them, so it’s a good job these also come in a red and pink combo, isn’t it? Be still, my heart!

Finally, moving reluctantly away from red, here’s a spectacular pair of gold platform sandals, with crystal covered heels:

gold platform sandals

Jessica Simpson gold glitter platform sandals, $129.99

If you’re not keen on gold, these also come in black suede, with a multicoloured heel: I’d find it hard to decide which I prefer, so I’ll leave that decision in your capable hands!

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