Alexandre Birman Clarita Whipstitch Leather Sandal

Alexandre Birman Clarita Whipstitch Leather Sandal

Alexandre Birman Clarita Whipstitch Leather Sandals

One of my favourite pairs of shoes ever were by Alexandre Birman. It was the first time I’d really heard of the brand, but I loved those shoes so much that, in addition to bookmarking them so I could keep on going back to look at them (and try to convince myself I might one day be able to afford them), I’ve always paid particular attention to the latest offerings from the brand that made them, in the hope that they’ll one day come up with something equally amazing.

Well, these sandals aren’t quite as amazing as the original objects of my affection, unfortunately, but they’re still pretty nice. I’m a big fan of white and gold, and wear a lot of it during the summer: for some reason I always think it’s a colour combination that makes an outfit look a little more expensive than it really is, and it just oozes sophistication into the bargain. These shoes not only look expensive, they ARE expensive (they’re $620), but they definitely have that luxury look about them, to help justify the expense. Or that’s the idea, anyway.

Also by Alexandre Birman are these gold wedge espadrilles:

gold wedge espadrilles

Gold wedges are a suitcase essential for me (and one of the five pairs of shoes I couldn’t live without!), which means I can’t see a pair without immediately being reminded of vacation time. (That’s no bad thing, I guess, although when I look out my window and see snow instead of sunshine, it does rather bring me back down to earth with a bump). This particular pair has a high platform, which means that although the heel is high, the foot isn’t at too steep an angle when you wear them, making them much more comfortable than a stiletto, or other non-platform, of the same height.

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