3 pairs of red and purple designer shoes

Miu Miu embellished patent-leather platform sandals

Miu Miu embellished patent-leather platform sandals, £925

In the middle of what feels like an endless winter, these shoes were a breath of fresh air when they popped up in Net-a-Porter’s ‘new in’ section last week. Bright red, with a chunky heel and a trail of crystals on each side of it, they’re worlds away from all of the thick tights and sensible boots that are all I can wear at the moment, and just looking at them makes me feel a little bit brighter. Red shoes have a way of doing that, I find.

These have a 5.5″ heel with a one inch platform, and there’s also a skinny ankle strap to hold them in place. Continuing with the platform theme, these Paul Andrew wedges are also new at Net-a-Porter:

Paul Andrew Whitney colourblock sandals

Paul Andrew ‘Whitney’ colour block suede sandals, £645

Remember back in 2010/11, when colourblocking was a huge trend, and purple and red shoes were absolutely everywhere? These really take me back to that time – and not just because of the colour, but because of the platform wedge, which was also a big trend at the time. I fell victim to that, and bought a couple of pairs of shoes in this style, only to discover that I didn’t enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed looking at them: they’re actually pretty comfortable to wear, but they made my feet look comically over-sized, so I probably wouldn’t buy another pair, even although I still like looking at them!

Speaking of red and purple:

Miu Miu purple and red sandals

Miu Miu red and purple glittered sandals, £550

These ones are also by Miu Miu, and I’m sure you’d have guessed that if I hadn’t told you: they have a very ‘Miu Miu’ feel to them, thanks to that silver glittered heel, don’t they? These don’t look like they’d be particularly easy to style, but I’d love to see them in action!

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